Microsoft 365
for Non-Profits

We assist non-profit organizations in confidently moving to the cloud to simplify IT Management, optimize digital business processes and unlock insights needed to adapt faster, work smarter, and perform better.


Sensitive data, including member and donor information, is stored in highly secure, state-of-the-art datacenters, where it’s available to the right people whenever it’s needed, with virtually no downtime


Nonprofits that embrace cloud technology can grow without costly changes to IT infrastructure. That includes the ability to quickly activate and deploy new users from nearly anywhere, or defining and enabling new service delivery models.


Cloud-based business software is updated automatically to match the latest global regulatory standards, so cloud-enabled organizations always have the most current version and can maintain the highest standard of compliance.

Key highlights

Transform Your Non-Profit Organization with Microsoft Cloud Solutions

We provide non-profits with financial support and discounts on a wide array of Microsoft cloud solutions, such as Azure, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, among others. Non-Profits can benefit from adoption of Cloud Technologies in the following ways:

Improve Fundraising

Common challenges for nonprofits relate to attracting, retaining and growing donors.

The Fundraising & Engagement solution
helps nonprofits attract, retain, and grow their
donor base with connected data, built-in donor engagement communications, holistic constituent profiles, and seamless reconciliation and reporting.

Stretch Budgets

Common challenges for nonprofits relate to limited budgets, increasing reporting needs and challenges in creating a consolidated view of performance across operations.

Dynamics 365 allows nonprofits to unify financials and drive new operational efficiencies to support regulatory compliance and reporting by automating key functions and providing real-time insights.

Simplify Business Processes

Common challenges for nonprofits relate to engaging and managing volunteers. Many
nonprofits struggle with manual time-consuming processes across their organization.

The Volunteer Management and Engagement solution built on Power Platform helps nonprofits streamline interactions with volunteers. It also provides tools that automate organizational processes which then frees up precious staff time to achieve more with limited resources.


By leveraging digital technologies, non-profits can streamline operations, enhance communication with stakeholders, expand their reach, and optimize resource allocation.

From digital marketing strategies to data analytics for targeted outreach and impact measurement, embracing digital processes empowers non-profits to maximize their impact, engage with supporters more effectively, and adapt to the evolving landscape of philanthropy and social change.


Non-profits can streamline operations through various digital processes. Implementing cloud-based solutions for document management and collaboration enables remote teams to work efficiently and securely. Adopting digital fundraising platforms automates donation processing, reducing administrative overhead and allowing staff to focus more on mission-critical tasks.

Enhance & Expand

Employing customer relationship management (CRM) systems ensures personalized and efficient communication by tracking interactions, preferences, and engagement history. By embracing these digital communication strategies, non-profits can foster deeper connections with their audiences, amplify their messages, and mobilize support for their causes more effectively.

Microsoft 365

At Woods Consulting, we are dedicated to guiding and supporting you through the successful execution of your transformation initiatives. Our extensive experience, along with a thorough understanding of methodologies and technologies, ensures our commitment to being a long-term, dependable, and action-ready partner for your journey.

Microsoft dynamics 365

We help organizations foster a culture that perceives change as a chance and recognizes it as a continuous journey.


Microsoft Cloud Solutions to drive your digital business transformation.

Tools to energize your organization

Solutions for Non-Profits

Resources for your nonprofit

Drive deeper engagement with your stakeholders, modernize your financial systems, and build agile organizational processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Intelligent Constituent Engagement

Acquire long-term donors and volunteers through the utilization of CRM functionalities. Incorporate contextual details into each interaction, enabling tailored engagements based on a comprehensive understanding of donor and volunteer involvement from every angle.

Modernize Business Processes

Boost your mission’s effectiveness and cut costs when compared to alternative low-code development tools by utilizing the most comprehensive low-code platform available. the Power Platform enables you to swiftly analyze data, streamline processes and create applications, webstes and virtual agents with efficiency.

Modern Finance and Operations

Enhance and streamline your financial operations of any scale using Dynamics 365 Finance and Business Central. Gain real-tie insights into performance, forecast future outcomes, and utilize data-drive strategies to achieve a ore significant impact.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Support your non-profit in cultivating leads primed for sales, harmonizing sales and marketing efforts, and making informed decisions for expansion through a versatile and intelligent platform. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights serves as your gateway to event coordination, crafting surveys, seamlessly integrating with LinkedIn, and offering numerous other functionalities to enhance your operations.

Enable your team’s day-to-day work
with Microsoft 365

Reduce costs, improve security, and enable remote work with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Surface devices.


Safeguard your organization from cyber threats using the Security Program for Nonprofits, an all-encompassing suite of security services designed to evaluate organizational vulnerabilities, deliver proactive surveillance and alerts, and offer training initiatives. With security features integrated into Microsoft 365 Business Premium, all members of your nonprofit organization can generate, distribute, and safeguard documents regardless of their location.


Enhance your written content with intelligent writing aids, document formatting options, and collaborative features.

Generate spreadsheets effortlessly using pre-designed templates and utilize advanced formulas for calculations.

Transform documents into engaging presentations, generate new slide decks with intuitive prompts, and discover compelling visuals.

Seamlessly organize emails, schedules, contacts, and to-dos within a single application.

Foster teamwork, swiftly locate information, and facilitate collaboration throughout your organization.


Leverage Teams for field Staff and volunteers and grant them the ability to communicate effectively with people inside or outside your organization. Manage folders, documents and storage space allowing you to have swift and seamless access to documents either in the office or remote.

Uncover powerful insights and turn them into impact

Visualize data from multiple sources, spot trends as they happend so you can track and improve your cause.

See the full picture

Your on-premises and cloud data are consolidated in a central repository. Additionally, you have the option to utilize pre-configured content and integrated connectors for seamless importing of data from various platforms like Marketo, Salesforce, Google Analytics, and others, ensuring swift integration.

Access from anywhere

Power BI empowers you to effortlessly distribute dashboards and reports to anyone, regardless of your location. Stay updated with the Power BI application available for Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Receive timely alerts regarding any fluctuations in your data, enabling swift collaboration with your team to address emerging insights promptly.

Make Data-driven decisions

Harness the power of data without feeling inundated. Utilize Power BI to seamlessly engage with your data, employing intuitive drag-and-drop actions to unveil trends and effortlessly pose natural language queries for rapid insights.

Share your insights

Power BI enables you to distribute dashboards and reports effortlessly, regardless of your location. Stay informed at all times using the Power BI application available on Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Receive alerts promptly, notifying you of any data modifications, allowing you to collaborate with your team promptly to initiate necessary actions.

Security applications for nonprofits

Protect your organization with security offerings that assess risk, provide monitoring and notification, and trainings.

Strengthen your nonprofit security strategy

The occurrence of a security incident can exert enduring repercussions on a nonprofit entity, potentially disrupting donor relationships, fundraising efforts, and consequently, the achievement of its mission. Nonprofit organizations, along with their board members, ought to assess their security preparedness and implement necessary measures to fortify defenses against potential attacks.

Enhancing security and saving costs

By utilizing Microsoft 365 and Azure, nonprofits can safeguard sensitive data pertaining to its members and partner organizations, all while minimizing expenses and streamlining operations. This approach enables nonprofits to enrich people’s lives through their transformative engagements.


WOODS Consulting uses Microsoft cloud solutions to help nonprofits deepen their mission impact through cloud services. We have unmatched experience, having invested in building Azure over a decade, and business applications even longer, so our customers can quickly unlock the benefits of the cloud.

The entire infrastructure you need to run a digital organization is within the Microsoft cloud. In fact, Dynamics 365 is the only business platform that natively integrates with Microsoft 365—including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams— Microsoft Azure, Azure Cloud Services, and Microsoft Power Platform, giving you unparalleled integration across systems and processes. What’s this mean for your business? Collaborative applications deliver a new generation of ERP that will transform the way work gets done: productivity, collaboration, and process optimization are all in one solution.



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